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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saints & Scriptures Sunday - The Teachings of Jesus

I have really come to enjoy posting on Dianne's blog on Saints and Scripture Sundays, plus hearing of her adventures with the kids during the week. She is away this week end in "blogging boot camp", there will be some stories there this week.

I was going to post something from Mark this week, but I can't seem to get away from the Daily Lenten Reflections booklet. Isn't it funny how one message will hit you one week and something entirely different the next.

The Teachings of Jesus

Would I have listened, had I lived at that time" Would I have set aside responsibilities that seemed fiercely important in order to hear what he was saying? Would I have pondered the words in my heart? Would I have been open enough to hear the truth expressed in an unfamiliar way. If others in my family (or my friends) had found his thoughts blasphemous, would I have trusted my own inner authority? How would I have resolved my fear when the paralytic stood up and walked away? Or when the daughter of Jairus was healed? Which words might have made it possible for me to turn toward his beckoning? Would I have seen past my love of certainty to the truth in both him and me? Can I do that, even today?

What compels us, finally, to open ourselves up to the mystery? Where do we find the courage to let love, and not knowledge, drive change? What in me turns, at last, to the power of the inner heart?

So many questions to be answered and so little time to find the answers. Let's get started.

Today I pray to be unafraid of truth and the changes it may bring.

Have a wonderful blessed week.

We are cooking with peanuts and peanut products this week.

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  1. I tend to be a 'Doubting Thomas' at times, especially when things are rough. I would have marveled in the healings, but the stories that speak strongest to me are the Wedding at Cana, and Jesus gathering children close to him. No small wonder that I set my marriage and family as my greatest callings in life.

    Thank you, again!


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