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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Greatest Weakness

Mama Kat's is a wonderful blog that has a writers workshop each week, that I rarely venture into except to read. The reason being, I'm not a writer. This week I could not resist. When she suggested we call friends and ask them our greatest weakness and write about it, I thought. Is she completely out of her mind. Why would I want to call 10 friends and find out I had 10 different weaknesses. I really don't need that kind of abuse. I'm picking one that I think is my greatness.

I hate to clean. I hate to clean because I don't know how, therefore I'm not good at it. That may sound stupid to a lot of you but until about 5 years ago I've always had someone to clean for me. Of course my Mom before I left home and then from age 18 on a cleaning person. Now don't get to impressed. I was in the hotel/motel/ restaurant business for years. Have you ever seen a hotel without lots of maid, of course not. I'd send one of the maids to my house a couple of times a week and everything was fine.

I'm not a lazy person, I love to do laundry, cook, grocery shop, all of that stuff. I just don't know how to clean. When I moved to the country, 9 miles from nowhere, and 1/2 mile down a dirt road, off of one of the most dangerous roads in the county. Not many people want to make that trip to clean your shabby chic house.

I have found the perfect solution, try it sometime. If someone stops by, which is poor manners anyway, pull out the vacuum in the middle of the floor where they can see it. Grab your cleaning supply caddy thing and put it in plain view, put on a pair of rubber gloves and tie your hair back in a bandanna, and answer the door. If you keep everything together you can have this done before they get out of the car and ring the bell. I keep the bandanna and rubber gloves in the cleaning caddy, for quick grabbing. They would have to be a fool not to see you are in the middle of cleaning.

A perfectly spotless house is overrated anyway. I really feel sorry for Martha, except maybe for her money.

Well, the vacuum is already out you might as well at least run it in the middle of the floor. Just remember one thing. You will have plenty of time to clean when those sweet little ones are grown and gone.

Other than that I'm absolutely perfect. Thank goodness I didn't ask anyone else.


  1. I love that plan! Your Raggedy Ann comment is the best, though!

  2. Hi Beverly,

    Just popped in from Mama Kat's.

    I KINDA have a similar problem, except that mine is not that I don't know how to clean, I just HATE to do it!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your misdirection suggestion. Maybe while I'm at it, I could wheedle my visitor into helping me 'finish up'...

  3. I hate to clean too, but probably because I was expertly trained in how to do it. My mom was a cleanaholic and every Saturday we'd spend hours cleaning together. Her idea of fun together time, my idea of shoot me in the face time. Now that I'm older I try to avoid cleaning at all costs. I just put toys in every room of the house and then blame the mess on the kids. They make for really awesome scapegoats.

  4. I'm putting the cleaning caddy in full view as I type!

  5. That is an AWESOME idea! I am not the cleanest either. I found out recently the other day that some people clean their shower heads...uhhh, really? I mean, me too. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Blech .... I hate to clean, too. Nowdays, I even have to clean before the cleaning lady comes. Now that's embarrassing!

  7. Cleaning is overrated! Your idea is great!


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