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Friday, July 23, 2010

New Header and Background

Well, what do you think! I love the new header and background that my wonderful niece, Angie, and her son John came up with for the blog change. John is a great photographer.

Of course my little Annie and Mazzy are my favorite animals on the farm, but Pepper (the red one) and Candy (the black one) are my next very favorite. These are the most loving sweet animals I have ever seen. Donkeys sometimes get a bad rap for biting, chewing, kicking, etc., but not my precious little sweethearts. All they want are donkey muffins and carrots and to snuggle against your shoulder. They love everyone. Lots of work has been slowed down because they demand attention from anyone on the farm.

Let me know what you think of the changes!


  1. I like the changes--the lighting is really wonderful on the picture of Candy and Pepper.

  2. Love the donkies. I want to bring Sara Paige out to see them. She wants one to be a companion to her horse so bad. So maybe I'd better leave well enough alone.

    Anyway, they are so cute.


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