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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Breakfast/Brunch Ideas

The National Restaurant Association would love to be reading this. After being in the restaurant business for many years, I am speaking from experience. DO NOT eat out on Mother's Day. It is the busiest day in the year in the restaurant business. How much fun does this sound like, screaming children, long lines, even with reservations,grumpy waiters and medium warm food, when you get it. You could always choose a buffet. How many dirty hands have used that serving spoon before you!

If you are a Mom, ask to be taken out before or after Mother's Day. On your special day have the family make you a nice brunch. I have listed some suggestions below, or if you have a favorite tell them. I realize you still have dinner to think about, burgers or chicken on the grill can easily be handled by hubby and the kids. If that's too much for them to handle in one day, order a pizza.

Honey, this is your day. When your Mimosa gets low ask for another one. Do not move. Your only job today is to give orders as to what you want.

"Happy Mother's Day"

Brunch Suggestions, if you find one you like print the recipe and hand it to the "King of the Castle".

Frittata - Italian Vegetable-of-Your-Choice
Stratas For Fun Easy Brunch
Baked Lobster/Shrimp Omelet
Southwestern Brunch Sandwich
Easy Eggs Benedict
Baked Blueberry French Toast
Cinnabon - French Toast

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