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Friday, May 21, 2010

My Gratitude List - Feel Good Friday

As I've told you before, I normally start a few lines of my "Feel Good Friday" on Monday so I don't forget anything. I think it's only fair to tell you that right now I would rather whine. The weather sucks, rainy, 58 degrees and for heavens sake it's the middle of May. Nothing can put me in a good or bad mood faster than the weather. I want to be outside, without a winter coat. I think I might have some control issues!

In the past I would make myself make a gratitude list to feel better, so here goes.

1. I'm very grateful for my faith - God could we have warmer weather and no rain.

2. I'm grateful for my family. Who will I piss off this week?

3. Very grateful for my health. Eight year cancer survivor I should be grateful. I can still briskly walk 3 miles a day and still breathe. Okay so it takes a little bit longer.

4. I'm grateful that I'm old enough that I can say whatever I want and no one pays attention or cares.

5. I'm grateful I don't have to be "in charge" of anything, except me and my animals. I try to be in charge of other peoples lives but they don't want my help. Smart people.

6. I'm so grateful for my older friends and neighbors that teach me kindness and patience for others, and up to date on all the gossip, and younger friends that keep me "in the now", and especially friends I've had for years, all three of them.

7. I'm grateful that at least half of the time I can go from one room to the next and remember why I went. If not I go back and come back later.

8. I'm grateful to finally learn I don't have to put on makeup to run to the grocery. Small children do not start screaming. You were not raised by my mother!

9. I'm grateful for my sweet little Annie and Mazzy (Yorkies) they make me laugh with all their mischievous antics. What do you expect they have no discipline.

10. Last put certainly not least, I'm so very grateful for my blogging friends, not only for their wonderful blogs, but for taking the time to visit mine and read all my nonsense. At least the recipes are good.

See, I told you it would work. We have 74 degree weather and big, bad thunderstorm warnings for the day. Who cares, next week high 80's and no rain, all damn week. That's enough for me to have a "Feel Good Friday".

Have a wonderful week end! Stop by anytime, just call first. I hate drop in vistors.


  1. That is a wonderful list!

    I love your blog!

  2. Love this list! well, I love your recipes, too. and I love reading your blog! Now, if I could just make myself start cooking again...Oh well, retirement is less than 8 months away - this is what I'm waiting for!


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